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  • Planetarium Volume Two

    Planetarium Volume Two – dj Serious by Dave Serious on Mixcloud

  • Arcee + Kaewonder + Dj Serious = CRATERY 30

    The beauty of collecting records for as long as we have is getting bored. Believe it or not, boredom is the friend of the record collector. We at Cratery started out collecting soul, funk and jazz – the cornerstones of hip-hop production. But after 5-6 years of focusing on these genres, we got bored. Why? […]

  • Arcee + Kaewonder + DJ Serious = Cratery 29

    Back for more and now up to date! It seems like we took a little hiatus over at the lst few months but this simply is not true.  We are always hard at work, and even though we slipped on our deliver times a bit.  It doesn’t mean the we lost that passion, au […]

  • Arcee + Kaewonder + Dj Serious = Cratery 27

    Get rid of that wax in your ear. Now throw some of our wax in your ear. Cratery returns for it’s 27th consecutive month with another hour of musical goodness from the personal collections of Arcee, Kaewonder and DJ Serious. Cratery isn’t just free. It’s free of mp3’s, CD’s, reissues, and compilations. All vinyl. All […]

  • Arcee + Kaewonder + DJ Serious = Cratery 26

    Our 26th edition of Cratery signals another milestone: The intelligent Cratery tracklist. Up until now, listeners had to refer to the blog to find out what song they were listening to. From now on, each Cratery mix will house and display song titles in iTunes – as you listen. Simply import Cratery into your iTunes […]

  • Arcee + Kaewonder + DJ Serious = Cratery 25: Dollarate II

    I am really proud to be a part of this monthly podcast called Cratery… Download It Here! What began as a humble, hour long dig-diary is now a vital, vinyl ritual, complete with it’s own cult following, monthly party and award-winning logo. We begin our 3rd year of Cratery with a 2nd. The 2nd official […]