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10 Pack of Nuggets & A Rare A$$ Record

I’d like a 10 pack of Nuggets and a copy of McTrax please… Nerdy factoid: in 1983 McDonald’s joined forces with a local Atlanta radio station and released this regional Boogie comp. WTF! I must say there are 2 really tight songs on here tho. Shout outs to the cute girl working at #academyrecordsannex for hooking me up with the cardboard mailer. (I should have gotten your name) I didn’t want to ruin the awesomeness of the sleeve in my flimsy bag. #vinyl #vinylartwork #cratery #cratelife #shitfrommycrates #recentarrivals

Arcee + Kaewonder + DJ Serious = Cratery 25: Dollarate II

I am really proud to be a part of this monthly podcast called Cratery…

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What began as a humble, hour long dig-diary is now a vital, vinyl ritual, complete with it’s own cult following, monthly party and award-winning logo. We begin our 3rd year of Cratery with a 2nd. The 2nd official edition of Dollarate: our post-holiday guide to wallet-friendly digging. Theoretically, the records on this month’s podcast are all records that you should be able to find for $10 and under. Please don’t be that dude that drops $20 on Fancy’s Wild thing LP in the Cosmos beats and breaks section. As usual, Kaewonder, Serious and I go one-for-one on some dollar bin heat that just might have you sifting through a stack of Roger Whittaker/Nana Mouskouri/Mantovani records at the local Goodwill you’d all but given up on. Don’t forget to join us for Cratery Live: This Saturday February 5th and the first Saturday of every month at Red Light (1185 Dundas St west).

1. Fancy “Feel Good”
2. Hello People “Wheat Germ”
3. Black Ball “Sexy Mama”
4. Ettore Strata “Theme from Godfather II”
5. Bo Hansson “The Sun”
6. Jeff Lorber “Cousin Stu”
7. Deodato “September 13”
8. Weather Report “Non Stop Home”
9. Klaus Wunderlich “Summertime”
10. Henry Mancini “Sun Goddess”
11.. The Sylvers “Star Fire”
12. Cat Stevens “Was dog a doughnut”
13. Ronnie Laws “Tidal Wave”
14. The Supremes “Come into my life”
15. Alicia Myers “When love starts to go”

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Ekambi Brillant – Nayo Nayo

This ain’t worth more than a dollar… just kidding.

I spent a lot of my formative years digging in MTL.  Back when it seemed like on every random street, you would find a record store that would pop up and then disappear within months,  me and the crew would easily come up on Lee Gagnons, Sloches, Ian Carrs, and Ekambi Brillants.  I wouldnt consider this to be a great record by an stretch of the word, but it does have a few moments here and there… and of course… DRUMS.

Lyn Christopher – Lyn Christopher

Excellent Psych-ish/Soul tune on this obscure rock album.  Its kinda hard to find and sort of sought after because some of the dudes from Kiss sang backup vocals on it. Back in the day, these were pretty easy to come across, as for the most part, it looks like a pop vocal record. I found 2 of these at one of my favourite record stores in Calgary. Yep, I was pretty happy. Traded one of them for some 45 that i was desperate for and this is the other.

Lyn is still working on music but, it doesn’t really strike the same chord as her cult classic “Take Me With You”…

The Emotions – I Like It

This Staxx/Volt vocal trio are responsible for some classic hip hop material courtesy of thier song “Blind Alley” and are probably best known for the boogie/ disco hits “Best of My Love” and “Boogie Wonderland”.  But long before the disco hits, these Chicago born females had some really great soul tunes.
This particular song is from their debut album entitled “So I Can Love You” and happens to be the source material for 3rd Bass’ “Gas Face” and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”  Check it out.

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Freddie James – Freddie James

This shit is tight.  Found it on a recent digging excursion with my homie Arcee…

Freddie James Self Titled LP one solid tune with that typical generic boogie banger sound.  Never seen this one before but I always used to see  some of his other joints in MTL all the time.  Makes sense because this record seems to have some sort of a Phillie/MTL connect.

The Notations – Super People

Having eluded me for a years now, I finally caved in and copped one of these recently.  I just got it in the mail today.  I would consider this a fairly well known funk/soul record that has made it to a few compilations and re-issues not to mention having been sampled by early nineties Hip-Hop duo Channel Live and Big Daddy Kane.

I always though this was either a Curtis Mayfield tune or at the very least one of his productions.  It’s neither apparently, his name doesn’t appear on the record any where.  Gemigo Records was owned by Curtis so im sure he was a huge influence on this song’s sound regardless.  You can always hit the comments with any info you got.

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First Touch – Pleasure For Your Treasure

I’ve been keeping this song under my hat for the last little while, but i think these dudes deserve some shine.  It’s a current staple in my dj sets and the whole album is nothing short of “tight”. If you like Dam Funk, and 80’s synth boogie, then First Touch will be right up your alley.  The whole album has been circulating the internet, so with a little effort you should be able to find it.  The self titled full length was offered as a free down load on site but the site seems to be down now.  Google dat!!!