With an ear tuned to the music of the past, and a heartbeat forging future rhythms, Dj Serious has successfully navigated changing musical landscapes as a multi-disciplinary taste-maker and producer of considerable acclaim. Nearly twenty years as a Dj, that has included European and domestic tours, coupled with two critically lauded releases (Dim Sum in 2000 & Cold Tea in 2006) and numerous production credits for a who’s who of Rap Music culminating in a Juno Award has girded Serious’ status as one of Canada’s foremost Hip Hop producers.

“The role of the producer is so important,” explains Serious. “They completely affect everything on the record – the arrangements, the sound, the vibe, everything. With this idea in mind, Serious embarks on further musical excursions visa his involvement with the sophisticated vinyl archival diary Cratery. Both personally and professionally, Cratery has provided Serious and his like-minded peers, Arcee & Kaewonder, with a platform worthy of their ideals while allowing a growing world wide audience a chance to peek into their souls through their carefully curated record collections. The results have been impressive, as the podcast has featured prominent international and local guests and entered its third year with the likes of George Strombolopolous from CBC’s The Hour praising their efforts.

As a Dj, Serious has opened for a superstar roster of talent including Run DMC, slum village, jazzy jeff, dj spinna and Can-rock icons Moist and Treble Charger highlighted by a Lollapalooza performance in 2000 that showcased his underground dancefloor ethos to a broader audience. He has continued to nurture a connection to the dancefloor with residencies Cold Tea, The Red Light (Strictly Business) and Andy PoolHall and his relationship with the dancefloor has flourished as the main event Dj for several dance competition events including Manifesto Floor Awards, The World of Dance, UDO Canadian Street Dance Championships and the 416 Sessions.

In searching to expand upon this connection and add depth to his artistic sensibilities, Serious also added Music Direction and Sound Designer to his growing list of accomplishments when he collaborated with the cast of the contemporary dance piece The Chimera Project in (2012) and the urban theatre production Enter the Shadow (2011).

An invigorating passion and dedication to his craft has steered Serious through the rigors of the music industry and he now finds himself in the position of tastemaker for a younger generation of fans.

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