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Grape Juice: Vintage tunes and vintage beverages


May 18th (And the 3rd Saturday of every month)
Midfield Wine Bar
1434 Dundas st. W
Music by DJ Serious
Soul, Jazz, Funk, & some Random Wierd Shit

Let’s be honest. You’re way past standing in line at the club, getting yelled at by douchebags and cleaning up your best friend’s vomit at the end of the night. So it might interest you to know that there is in fact, an alternative. It’s a place where the people playing the music actually understand the music. Where the guys behind the bar know a little more than opening a fridge and cracking a bottle cap. Nope. It’s not Marineland. But good guess, Sherlock. It’s a new monthly get together at Midfield Wine Bar. With resident DJ’s Serious and Arcee. Grape Juice is all about good wine, good tunes and good people. Lots of soul. Definitely hip-hop. And of course, jazz. But not that stuck up white tablecloth jazz – that good shit. We hope you’ll join us. Of course, if getting yelled at by douchebags is kind of your Saturday night thing, we understand if you can’t make it.







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