Albino Zebrah Celebratory Hip Hop Hoe-Down – 13 YRS in This!

B-Boys and dancers of all forms take precedent when it comes to my dj sets. The funk just oozes from my pours. With that said it should not come as a surprise that I see a lot of Toronto’s best dancers at my jams. Some of these kids (well i guess they aren’t kids anymore) go by the crew name of Albino Zebrah. This London ON. born crew has for the most part relocated to Toronto and are celebrating their 13th B-Day. So lets all wish them a great 13 years in this hiphop life!

It goes down starting at 3pm on Saturday August 14th 2010 at the John Innes Community Center – 150 Sherbourne St.

I will throwing down for the battles along with some great talent
click here for details… AlbinoZebrah







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