Freddie James – Freddie James

This shit is tight.  Found it on a recent digging excursion with my homie Arcee…

Freddie James Self Titled LP one solid tune with that typical generic boogie banger sound.  Never seen this one before but I always used to see  some of his other joints in MTL all the time.  Makes sense because this record seems to have some sort of a Phillie/MTL connect.

The Notations – Super People

Having eluded me for a years now, I finally caved in and copped one of these recently.  I just got it in the mail today.  I would consider this a fairly well known funk/soul record that has made it to a few compilations and re-issues not to mention having been sampled by early nineties Hip-Hop duo Channel Live and Big Daddy Kane.

I always though this was either a Curtis Mayfield tune or at the very least one of his productions.  It’s neither apparently, his name doesn’t appear on the record any where.  Gemigo Records was owned by Curtis so im sure he was a huge influence on this song’s sound regardless.  You can always hit the comments with any info you got.

More To Know…

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