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Lyn Christopher – Lyn Christopher

Excellent Psych-ish/Soul tune on this obscure rock album.  Its kinda hard to find and sort of sought after because some of the dudes from Kiss sang backup vocals on it. Back in the day, these were pretty easy to come across, as for the most part, it looks like a pop vocal record. I found 2 of these at one of my favourite record stores in Calgary. Yep, I was pretty happy. Traded one of them for some 45 that i was desperate for and this is the other.

Lyn is still working on music but, it doesn’t really strike the same chord as her cult classic “Take Me With You”…

The Emotions – I Like It

This Staxx/Volt vocal trio are responsible for some classic hip hop material courtesy of thier song “Blind Alley” and are probably best known for the boogie/ disco hits “Best of My Love” and “Boogie Wonderland”.  But long before the disco hits, these Chicago born females had some really great soul tunes.
This particular song is from their debut album entitled “So I Can Love You” and happens to be the source material for 3rd Bass’ “Gas Face” and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”  Check it out.

More To Know…

Freddie James – Freddie James

This shit is tight.  Found it on a recent digging excursion with my homie Arcee…

Freddie James Self Titled LP one solid tune with that typical generic boogie banger sound.  Never seen this one before but I always used to see  some of his other joints in MTL all the time.  Makes sense because this record seems to have some sort of a Phillie/MTL connect.