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CRATERY LIVE @ The Red Light (08.06.11) feat. Frank Dukes

This month, CRATERY LIVE brings you a special edition summertime heaterywave courtesy of FRANK DUKES & KAEWONDER (the crateboyZ).
This will promise to be an epic geekdown with all kinds of musical goodies for your listening pleasure.
from foreign psychedelic rock records, to boogie to rare groove to soul and even some jazz, we’re gonna take ya on a trip through our crates.
There really is no better place to listen to this type of shit then the one & only Red Light (1185 Dundas St. W), so come through, have a few drinks and come say what’s up to the hommies!

oh, and don’t forget to check out
for your monthly soul/funk/jazz/rock fix.

Arcee + Kaewonder + Dj Serious = CRATERY 30

The beauty of collecting records for as long as we have is getting bored. Believe it or not, boredom is the friend of the record collector. We at Cratery started out collecting soul, funk and jazz – the cornerstones of hip-hop production. But after 5-6 years of focusing on these genres, we got bored. Why? Everyone started buying the same records, looking for the same sounds. So we moved on. Library records, Brazilian Funk and Disco 12”s started to sound more interesting. Until the public caught up and we were forced to move on again. Most recently, foreign psychedelic and progressive sounds have entered our vinyl vernacular, making Cratery a place where all forms of vintage heat come together. This month, we shuffle between Peruvian Psych, Spiritual Jazz, Football Libraries and Australian Big Band – and quite frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Cratery 30. Enjoy.

1. Gal Costa – Namorinho de por tao
2. Wilson Simonal – Gemedeira
3. Eddie Senay – Safari
4. Jimmy Lewis – That won’t stop me from loving you
5. Chuck Jackson – Through all times
6. Daly-Wilson Big Band – Lime Dropper
7. Harold McKinney – Freedom Jazz Dance
8. Barry Miles – Take your clothes
9. Sapo – Been Had
10. Totem – Dedos
11. Arco Iris – Para Vos
12. Intimate Strangers -The Track
13. Harris and Orr – Spread Love
14. NFL Library – Jazz Undercurrent
15. Exit 9 – Fly
16. Tamba – Nao Tem Nada Nao
17. The Plastic Cloud – Face behind the sun
18. Giant – Queen of Downs

Download It Here!

Arcee + Kaewonder + DJ Serious = Cratery 29

Back for more and now up to date!

It seems like we took a little hiatus over at the lst few months but this simply is not true.  We are always hard at work, and even though we slipped on our deliver times a bit.  It doesn’t mean the we lost that passion, au contraire, we have been immersed in the dusty bins and came up with some treasures.  So no further a do… here is episode 29.  (episode 28 also available on… just incase you missed it.)


The straight up vinyl savagery among the crew seems to be rising exponentially of late. For followers of this podcast, that’s good news for you. It’s not necessarily good news for our collective wallets, but hey – all in the name of music, right? Cratery 29 genre-hops between Mongo Santamaria’s percussive funk, the progressive sounds of the UK’s Julian’s Treatment and Ingram’s jazzy disco sensibilities – like a person moving between different rooms at a really fucking amazing party. A free party. Happening on your laptop. Now. Cratery 29. Enjoy.
1. Fania All-Stars – There you go

2. Ingram – My Sister’s Daughter

3. Los Orientales – La Danza Del Mono

4. Horace Silver – I’ve had a little talk

5. Irene Reid –Hey World, let love in

6. Etta James – All the way down

7. Mongo Santamaria – Forked Tongue

8. The Seven – Girl, Girl

9. Julian’s Treatment – Phantom City

10. Madeline Bell – Comin’ Atcha

11. The Imaginations – Ballad of Matheia

12. The Travel Agency – Lonely Seabird

13. Outlaw Blues Band – Mamo Pano Shhhh

14. Joe Pass – A time for us

15. Missus Beastly – Nothing Again

Download It Here!